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Netexpo facilitates the organization of your events.

Since 2001, Netexpo supports its customers for all the network and IT aspects they can meet. The diversification of its team is just as efficient to build reliable installations for their events, to provide effective assistance or to develop applications that meet their needs but also to be responsive to solve specific event issues raised during setup. Netexpo wants to be your partner to help you make successful events.


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for your Events

Netexpo offers a wide range of solutions for your events from equipment rental (PC, laptop, iMac, iPad, screen, printer, copiers), through network implementation (wired, wifi, supervision) without omitting technical assistance.


on iPhone/iPad

Keep in touch with a few taps with your visitors by using the fasteLeads app for iOS devices. FasteLeads adopts your identity and your product portfolio to collect leads and keep in touch with your visitors. FasteLeads is an inhouse app fully developped by our developer team (Cloudberry division).


Apps for your

Netexpo develops custom apps to better manage your events. Just ask, and our dedicated team in Cloudberry division will for sure find a way to improve your event.


"Netexpo wants to provide you solutions to make yours events a success."

Gaël Foulon - Netexpo

Salon IT Partners - March 13-14 2019

Netexpo managed this year again the IT Partners's network infrastructure and support.

ECR 2019 - Vienna

Netexpo is in Vienna this year again for the ECR for one exhibitor for IT and lead collection

Salon du Livre 2019 - Paris

Netexpo is present at Livre Paris for the organizer.

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